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EZPTZ is a small Norwegian company, founded by Australian Paul Stupkin in the Norwegian “Subsea Valley”.

We are about connecting people in industry. We understand the difficulties of supporting global organizations because that’s where we came from. Our people have worked in technical training, quality inspection, technical support and product development. Our experience in mining, oil & gas, shipping and the automotive industry means we know what challenges you face, because we have faced those challenges ourselves.

We believe in working with the customer and developing solutions to meet ongoing needs. You are busy and have complex systems and constraints you need to work with, so we want to make life easier and simpler.

When we started our journey in 2017, we were trying to find an off-the-shelf product for remote training and video assistance for controls technicians in the subsea oil and gas sector. We assumed a product existed that allowed us to control a PTZ camera over internet protocol so that we could provide training and support remotely, real-time. After 6 months of searching, we came up empty handed. Nothing existed that combined the core functions we needed with compatible equipment. We wanted a solution, instead we ended up with a complex challenge.

We were asked by our customer to develop a solution to address this critical need. When our customer’s suppliers and customers learned that we had started development of EZPTZ products, they were eager to provide input for the core functionality. We didn’t build EZPTZ for us, we built it for you, for technicians and engineers who deal with the daily challenges of staying connected with people and activities spread across the world.

We are continually improving our software and hardware offerings based on customer feedback. We want to make sure that our solutions are easy to use, integrate into existing processes and ultimately make your life easier. If you are a customer and want to provide feedback or suggestions on functionality you need – we would love to hear from you.

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