Remote inspection and support, from anywhere in the world

With a remotely controlled pan, tilt and zoom camera system at your fingertips, you can engage in environments with your commercial and industrial partners without travel. EZPTZ is the first browser-based pan, tilt and zoom remote inspection solution designed for industrial applications. Unlock increased productivity with EZPTZ camera systems and EZPTZ Connect software.

Data Privacy Compliance The EZPTZ system is designed to be data privacy compliant. This allows pain free implementation in the workplace. Learn More

Reduce operating costs

Using EZPTZ systems for conducting inspections and support greatly reduces the need for travel, reducing cost, boosting resource utilization and increasing your contact with suppliers and customers. It provides you a competitive edge.

Easy to implement

The EZPTZ solution is designed to provide a simple means for you to have a virtual presence when and where needed. The kits are designed for travel and licence holders can log in to sessions through a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce your emissions by reducing the need for travel. With EZPTZ’s flexible solutions, many inspections, support activities and training sessions can be run remotely – helping you become greener and reach emission targets set by governmental bodies.

Built for industry

EZPTZ’s systems have been developed and tested for industrial environments. From the camera to the tough flight cases, the hardware is designed to give you a simple and rugged kit to compliment the EZPTZ Connect software.

Powerful software. Simplified service.

Innovation that enables

EZPTZ Connect software offers full inspection capability and camera control through a simple web interface. Camera movement, setting recallable camera positions and zoom levels can all be controlled locally by the host and remotely by the client through the web interface. This means no software installation is needed to connect to the host’s session.
EZPTZ Connect’s desktop application provides the host full control of the field of view limits, solving most privacy and intellectual property challenges currently faced in industry.

*Actual image quality depends on local network connection speed

Particle The Hub. Your portal to remote inspections and support As a user, you will have access to The Hub, giving you licence control and remote session management from the cloud. The Hub platform provides session attendance receipts, support access and the online store to give you total remote control of your activities. Sign in to The Hub

Great optics in a portable package

Both the Owl and the Falcon support kits provide high quality optics and are packed in ABS flight cases. Just like the birds, our hardware is designed for great optical clarity and flight.

*Laptop not included

Easy setup

The hardware is a snap to set up and pack away. The kits are designed to be robust to allow safe transport in the harshest conditions. When you are done with the support and inspection session, simply pack it up and safely transport it to the next job.

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